ISTE  Technology Standards for Students

1. Creativity and Innovation

2. Communication and Collaboration

3. Research and Information Fluency

4. Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making

5. Digital Citizenship

6. Technology Operations and Concepts


  • Illustrate and communicate original ideas through digital stories

  • Create, modify or organize graphics

  • Navigate in virtual environments such as e-books, software and websites

  • Recognize good websites for research

  • Research an event or person from history

  • Produce a digital product or presentation on a curriculum topic

  • Collect data on an environmental issue​

  • Use a graphic organizer to depict classification or life cycles

  • Plan and manage a group or individual research project

  • Use proper hand and body placement for keyboarding

  • Demonstrate safe and cooperative use of technology

  • Communicate about technology using correct terminology

  • Learn the history and effect of technology

  • Care and maintain devices, problem-solve issues and glitches

  • Engage with learners from other cultures ​